The First Post Just to Test

Well, I'm seeing if this works.  And no, I'm not taking off souls off of the interests dear dear friend.  I am manager and thus I can decide that souls are in fact and important role in writing in this community.
Anyway before I find myself with a foot print in my face from one of the members here, I shall go over a few things:
This place is for friends that we closely know.  We: As in the people who had the idea of creating such a community.  Not to be snobs, but we grew up in a community where people would read our things and say: this is good.  And that twas it.  Quite sad, no?  Internet comments are much appreciated, but they only go so far.  Flaming is not appreciated: if it sucks, then say why.  Be helpful and constructive.  However, we will make exceptions to those who are serious to the world of writing if they want to become members.
Also, we hope to provide a community of interesting things to read to members (those who just want to read, or read and post), and a place to write for author-hopefuls.  Later on there maybe prompts posted (by anyone who has an idea even), and even a shiny word count or time-limit just to get the juices flowing.
--Much Love
The Spawners of Qwerty